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Steel Beam Cufflinks

Plain but with a personal statement these cufflinks made of silver or steel are elegant pieces for the architect or civil engineer.

- Length: 20 mm
- Details: H-section beam with 1 mm thickness
  2 individual Initials as capital letters for customization
  Fixed closure with truss Design
  precision casting (silver) 3D printed (steel)
- Material: Silver or steel
- Weight: approx. 9 g/Stück
- Price: European Customers: 85 € (silver), 55 € (steel) plus shipping
  International Shop: from 50 $ plus shipping and your country's VAT


Order: Customers inside Europe can order pieces via email to (Payment by Invoice after Delivery of Product).
OR via the Shapeways online shop with about 2 weeks delivery. Wooden case not included in this case.


You are looking at customizable cufflinks of little steel beams. On the front of the H-section are two initials (if desired), that can be defined during the order process in the Shop.

The H-section of the beams has a wall thickness of 1 mm.
The pieces can be ordered in silver (matte finish) or steel (plated). The choice of two engraved initials is possible in both cases.

Each pair of cufflinks comes in a small wooden Engineer's Jewelry box (see pictures at the bottom).


2 Initials preview This product can be customized with two initials on the front face of the beams.
These can be entered during the order process in the shop, if desired.
The cufflinks can be ordered as precision cast pieces made of sterling silver or in 3D printed steel, with a nickel or dark grey plating..


The Design

cufflink closure mechanism

A robust design, that is still of light weight is of high value in the creation of an efficient part in engineering. The closure of these cufflinks ensures stability and functionality by using a triangular truss with an angle.



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