Jet Engine Ring title image

Jet Engine Ring

Based on older jet engines, this ring features a fan with many blades and a round spinner cone, nested inside an elegantly flowing ring.

- Base (Theme): 18 mm x 18 mm
- Band: 6 mm wide, 1,2 mm thick
- Details: Blades with realistic contour
  Spinner cone with soft contour and indicated bolts
  Smooth shape of ring
  precision casting
- Material: Silver or brass plated
- Weight: approx. 16 g/piece
- Price: European Customers: 90 € plus shipping
  International Shop:from 90 $ plus shipping and your country's VAT


Order: Available in various sizes from diameter 18 mm via email to International and European byers can order also via the Shapeways online shop with about 2 weeks delivery. Wooden case not included in this case.


The shown ring offers a detailed model of a jet engine's intake.

The present piece does not represent a specific model of a real aero engine. The model is designed rather to result in a pleasing shape and proportions, which are similar to that of traditional engines. The numerous blades and the big round spinner cone create an old school and almost steam punk like appearence with a sophisticated elegant wrapping.

Triebwerk Ring Form The shape of the ring itself is inspired by the contour of jet engine nacelles.
By giving the model a flowing transition into the ring, the illusion of a small jet engine is created.

The piece comes in a small wooden box (see pictures at the bottom).
Foto example: 18 mm Diameter



Jet Engine Ring 1

Jet Engine Ring 2

Jet Engine Ring 3

Jet Engine Ring 5

Jet Engine Ring 5

wooden box