General Electrics GEnx Tie Bar title image

Jet Engine Type 1 Tie Bar

Inspired by the General Electric GEnx, this precision cast piece features detailed air foils and spinner cone with characteristic, true to original shaping.

- Size: 19 mm (theme diameter)
  55 mm (tie bar length)
- Details: 18 blades shaped true to original
  true to shape spinner cone with 18 indicated bolts
  precision casting
- Material: Rhodium plated brass
- Weight: approx. 9 g/piece
- Price: European Customers: 95 € plus shipping
  International Customers: 90 $ plus shipping


Order: You can order pieces via email to (Payment by Invoice after Delivery of Product). Availability: 1


You are looking at a detailed representation of a jet engine fan, mounted on an elegant tie bar.

A famous manufacturer of civil jet engines is Gerneral Electrics who pioneered in light composite blades and made the GEnx. This product is a thrill for all fans of leight weight engineering and aerospace.

Each tie bar comes in a small wooden Engineer's Jewelry box (see pictures at the bottom).


General Electrics GEnx Jet Engine shape Important to mention about these and all other tie bars of this jet engine type to me is the realistic and recognizable 3D shape of the blades and the spinner cone.
The picture on the left shows the shape of the mounted piece which is very close to that of a real jet engine considering the limits of wall thickness and details.
Only the expertise in real aerodynamics and turbomachinery enable the true to original contours. Please see the fotographs of the pieces further down.


The Tie Clip Design

The Clip

All tie bars of this collection feature a bright, shiny and smooth rhodium plated surface on the inside and a satin black finish on the outside in order to give the piece an elegant look with a high contrast.



Genx Tie Bar 1

Genx Tie Bar 2

Genx Tie Bar 3

wooden box