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Flat-6 Engine Crankshaft
Tie Bar

Inspired by the 997 series Porsche 911 GT3, this tie bar features the model of a flat 6 engine's crankshaft.

-Length: 45 mm (crankshaft)
  65 mm (tie bar)
- Details: 0.8 mm thick balance weights with realistic contour
  6 excentrical piston pins with indicated oil holes
- Material: Brass, silver plated
- Weight: approx. 20 g/piece
- Price: 38 € plus shipping


Order: Pieces can be ordered via Email to (Payment by Invoice after Delivery of Product). Availability: 20


Attached to this tie clip is the miniature modell of a six cylinder flat engine crankshaft. A famous car manufacturer for this type of engine is Porsche, who created legends among sports cars, such as the 911 GT3.

The crankshaft of a flat engine is characterized by only one piston rod per piston pin instead of two, as found in a V-engine desing. This 6 cylinder engine therefore has 6 excentrical piston pins with thinner balance weights, called cheeks, whereas a V6 would have 3 pins with thicker cheeks.

The advantages of this desing are smoother running due to the stroke snchronism of oposite cylinders and smaller force of inertia. It's flatness can furthermore enhance a low center of gravity in the car design.

The clip comes in a clear display and storage box with blue suede, as visible in the second picture.



Flat 6 Tie Bar 1

Flat 6 Tie Bar 2

Flat 6 Tie Bar 3

Flat 6 Tie Bar 4

Flat 6 Tie Bar 4