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Corkscrew Cufflinks

Elegant corkscrew cufflinks made of 925 silver with striking helix and traditional wooden handle design for wine lovers.

- Size: 22 mm x 11 mm x 6 mm (LHW of the corkscrew)
- Details: three dimensional helix
  true to original handle
  Fixed closure with lightweight Design
  precision casting
- Material: 925 Silver
- Weight: approx. 8 g/piece
- Price: European Customers: 95 € plus shipping
  International Shop: 90 $ plus shipping and your country's VAT


Order: Customers inside Europe can order pieces via email to (Payment by Invoice after Delivery of Product). Availability: 1
International and European byers can order also via the Shapeways online shop with about 2 weeks delivery. Wooden case not included in this case.


The shown cufflinks are the perfect accessory for any wine lover.
Precision casting with wax model and lost mold enables the creation of a three dimensional helix which is a delicate as eye catching.
The resemblence with a classical, traditional corkscrew is completed by the typically shaped handle and bolt.

The cufflinks are designed as mirror images of each other, so that the helix points away from the wearer's hand on both sides of the shirt.

Each pair of cufflinks comes in a small wooden Engineer's Jewelry box (see pictures at the bottom).


Darstellung Manschettenknopf Mechanik

The Backing

A robust yet light weight design, is of high value in the creation of an efficient part in engineering, in order to enable high loads and save material.

The backing of Engineer's Jewelry cufflinks therefore also has a unique design that is very stable, as well as esthetic and authentic.



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