High End Jewelry

High End Designs from Engineer's Jewelry are defined by a composition of multiple parts to enable functionality.
The precious metal pieces are assembled with industrial steel bolts and nuts, that become part of the theme.
While the use of such means are no option for conventional jewelry, this unique approach presents the special charm of the technical designs.


Most of the here shown themes can be realized as attachments for tie bars, as cufflinks, or even pins.
There are almost no limitations to the customer's request.

Race Brake

Motorcycle Engine

Jet Engine Type X

Rotary Engine

Limited Special Editions

The following pieces are designed in a special way to represent the original corresponding machines in both shape and color. Striking accents are created. All products are limited to a small number.

Race Brake
918 Spyder

Jet Engine

Race Brake title image

Race Brake

A two-part model of a race brake with movable disk and brake caliper that presents a unique and unmatched piece of jewelry for motorsport enthusiasts.

- Size: 22 mm wide, 20 mm high, 6 mm thick (brake and caliper)
- Details: Two-part movable brake with ball bearing
  Every piece hand assembled
  Model of a race brake with ventilated disk and caliper
  Drilled and slotted disk with long and short walls between cooling channels, tiny indicated bolting and bores for axle mounting
  Caliper with pressure cylinders, hydraulic pipes and tiny indicated bolts
  Brake disk and caliper in different materials such as brass, bronze, silver, various types of gold as well as plating in gold and rhodium
  Bolting with industrial M 1.6 hex key bolts, nuts and real loctite.
- Material: Disk and caliper eligible
- Price: from 220 € (tie bar), 240 € (pair of cufflinks)


Order: Available via email to info@engineers-jewelry.de. Due to hand assembly of every piece by myself, ordering is not possible from a stock via shop.





You are looking at a multi part model of a race brake with ventilated, drilled and slotted brake disk with caliper. The design can be realized as cufflinks, tie bar or even lapel-pin by assembly to respective components.
Represented in the model are holes, colling channels and tiny bolting of the disk as well as a caliper with pressure cylinders and delicate hydraulic pipes.. Due to a bearing supported bolting with industrial parts a a movable model is created with spinning disk.

In order to guarantee an effective cooling, seperating walls inside the ventilated disk are designed to be alternately shorter and longer in real brakes, which is also featured in the jewelry model. This method is done in order to prevent the cooling channels' cross section from becoming too small towards the disk's center.

Multi Part

Main theme of the piece is an assembly of the parts rotor (disk) and stator (caliper) with a special type of bearing, in order to create a movable and functional object. This is done by using industrial hex key bolts combined with the precious jewelry parts from precison casting and elastic parts.

Choice of materials for both parts is diverse.

For disk and caliper the materials bronze, brass, silver, 14 karat normal, rose and white gold, and 18 karat gold are available, as well as precious plated brass.




precision cast parts


An M 1.6 hex key bolt connects the precision cast pieces of disk and caliper.

A special sleeve enables the transmission of force to the nut for a secure fit of the disk, without blocking the relatively moving parts.

Including further elastic elements ensures axial bearing in order to prevent precious metals from contacting each other or the industrial parts and guarantee wear-free movement.




Apart from materials of the individual parts it is also possible to change aspects of the model. To keep minimum wall thickness in check, the disk's design is fixed.
The brake caliper however can be changed acording to the customer's liking. You wish a caliper that acurately represents Mercedes AMG, BMW M-Performance, Audi RS or the likes? The here shown Porsche 911 inspired design can be altered into other car brands.




rhodium (plated)




14k gold*

14k rose gold*

14k white gold*

18k gold*

rhodium (plated)




14k gold*

14k rose gold*

14k white gold*

18k gold*

*Available as plating on brass or solid.

The Closure

All High End series pieces from Engineer's Jewelry feature a thick round counterpart with groove.
It creates a high quality look and feel, completed by a black o-ring for another unique element.

The rod is unlike anything else ever concieved, due to a longitudinal hole which serves as the acces to the bearing chamber assembly. It is strengthened with further material but still also includes the typical Engineer's Jewelry lightweight holes.


race brake cufflinks 1

race brake cufflinks 2

race prake ensemble 3

race brake tie bar 4

race brake tie bar 5

race brake tie bar 7