High End Jewelry

High End Designs from Engineer's Jewelry are defined by a composition of multiple parts to enable functionality.
The precious metal pieces are assembled with industrial steel bolts and nuts, that become part of the theme.
While the use of such means are no option for conventional jewelry, this unique approach presents the special charm of the technical designs.


Most of the here shown themes can be realized as attachments for tie bars, as cufflinks, or even pins.
There are almost no limitations to the customer's request.

Race Brake

Motorcycle Engine

Jet Engine Type X

Rotary Engine

Limited Special Editions

The following pieces are designed in a special way to represent the original corresponding machines in both shape and color. Striking accents are created. All products are limited to a small number.

Race Brake
918 Spyder

Jet Engine

Motorcycle Engine title image

Motorcycle Engine (Ring)

A two-part ring, comprising of a cast engine block with a polished cylinder head cover for motorcycle lovers.

- Base: 20 mm wide, 18 mm long
- Band: 6 mm wide, 1,2 mm thick
- Details: Two-part ring with bolting
  Model of an air cooled motorcycle engine
  Cooling fins, ignition plug, valve push rods, as well as connector pipes for air and exhaust gas
  Ring made of solid silver with unmachined, cast surface finish and cylinder head cover in polished metal (brass, bronze, silver, gold or brass plated)
  bolting with industrial M1.6 hex key screws and nuts and real lock tite.
- Material: Silver (ring); choice (cylinder head cover)
- Weight: approx. 20 g
- Price: from 150 € plus shipping


Order: Available in various sizes from diameter 18.5 mm via email to info@engineers-jewelry.de. Order of sperate parts for assembly as DIY kit is possible via my Shapeways online shop. In this case, 2 M 1.6 nuts as well as 2 M 1.6 x 6 bolts need to be aquired. (If needed, these can also be ordered from me for free.)



You are looking at a mutlipart ring, resembling an air cooled motorcycle engine.
Shown are cooling fins, ignition plug, two push rods (for valve actuation) as well as conections for air and exhaust gas pipes. The elegant hex key bolts, which are sunken into the cylinder head cover, create a unique ring with authentic engine design.

In order to limit the rings height without limiting the theme, cooling fins are introduced into the band section of the ring. This leads to a relatively flat and still practical ring that nonetheless creates the illusion of a complete air cooled cylinder.

Multi Part

Main characteristic is the assembly of two parts. Attached to the engine block with raw casting surface finish is a polished cylinder head cover, creating an authentic model.

The ring is always made of solid sterling silber.

The polished cover is available in the materials brass, bronze, silver, 14 karat normal, rose and white gold, as well as 18 karat gold and brass plated.




precision cast pieces

M 1.6 nuts are sunken into the upper part of the ring band, right underneath the engine block model.

M 1.6 x 6 steel bolts reach through the head cover of the machine and are secured with lock tite in the nuts.

Thereby no precious metal parts are touched by glue. Only the bolting is secured in the typical engineering fashion.







Rhodium (plated)

14k Gold*

14k Rose Gold*

14k White Gold*

18k Gold*

*Available solid or as plating on brass.



Motorcycle Engine Ring 1 Motorcycle Engine Ring 2 Motorcycle Engine Ring 3 Motorcycle Engine Ring 4 Motorcycle Engine Ring 5 Motorcycle Engine Ring 6 Motorcycle Engine Ring 7


Information on purchase:

The shown part is precision cast jewelry that cannot be made by a reusable mold. Every piece is derived from a lost wax model and lost mold. It is therefore ordered via Shapeways directly and will go into production after the order. Time until arival takes about three weeks.