High End Jewelry

High End Designs from Engineer's Jewelry are defined by a composition of multiple parts to enable functionality.
The precious metal pieces are assembled with industrial steel bolts and nuts, that become part of the theme.
While the use of such means are no option for conventional jewelry, this unique approach presents the special charm of the technical designs.


Most of the here shown themes can be realized as attachments for tie bars, as cufflinks, or even pins.
There are almost no limitations to the customer's request.

Race Brake

Motorcycle Engine

Jet Engine Type X

Rotary Engine

Limited Special Editions

The following pieces are designed in a special way to represent the original corresponding machines in both shape and color. Striking accents are created. All products are limited to a small number.

Race Brake
918 Spyder

Jet Engine

GE90 Titelbild

Limited Special: GE90 inspired Jet Engine

A two part jet engine including fan and stator, inspired by the GE90, world's most powerfull propulsion system with its green fancase and the iconic black carbon fibre fanblades.

- Diameter 21 mm
- Details: two part rotating jet engine with ball bearing
  22 blades like the real GE90
  Blades painted in high gloss black with silver leading edge, fancase painted green
  Realistic fancase with seperation of flow into bypass and compressor section by circumferential lip
  Bladed Stator with bypass und IGV of high pressure compressor
  Assembled with industrial M 1.6 steel bolts and nuts as well as real locktite
- Material: Rotor and stator made of 925 silber
- Price: 550 €
  Limited to 20 pieces


Order: Available via email to shop@engineers-jewelry.de.





The GE90 of the Boeing 777 is the most powerful jet engine in the world with a record of 127,900 lbs of thrust during an engine test. Iconic for this engine are the black carbon fibre fan blades, which were unprecedented in serial production. Due to their black paint and the so called leading edge made of titanium these engines have a high recognition value, which, along with their woven shape, granted them a spot in the museum of modern art in New York.

The cufflinks are also painted in the engine's typical colors. The green fancase of the cufflink differs furthermore from other jet engine products of Engineer's Jewelry in that it does not feature a softened contour which represents the aerodynamic skin or nacelle of the engine as seen on planes' wings. Instead the silver pieces show the engines bare fancase, as mounted inside the aerodynamik bodyparts, in order to furthermore enhance the technical character of the jewelry.

22 blades are shaped true to original as usual. Among further details other than color are a typical shape of the spinner cone and even wedge shaped contours in front of the blades' roots to guide the flow onto the annulus fillers in between the fan blades. For each blade a small bolt hole is indicated.

The stator unit includes a correctly oriented stage of stator blades in bypass and core section of the engine. Outside of the bearing chamger are the IGV (Inlet Guide Vane) blades with high aspect ratio (cord length / blade height) which guide the air to the high pressure compressor. Radially outside the ring shaped lip are the fan stage stator blades.
Therefore even the cufflink's rear side is defined by a realistic appearence with correct architecture.

Multi Part

The main feature is the assembly of each cufflink from the two parts rotor (fan) and stator (fan case) with a bearing chamber, thus creating a rotating, functional modell. Applied means are bolts, ball bearings, elements such as washers and nuts as well as a specially designed retaining ring made of spring steel for the union of the parts.


Both components are made of 925 sterling silver with precision casting.

The parts are painted with two-component paint to increase the resemblence with the real GE90.

Using a hardener creates a scratch resistent surface.


precision cast pieces


special retaining ring
(spring steel)

An M 1.6 hex key bolt connects the pieces fan rotor and case.

A ball bearing is secured in the support structure housing with a retaining ring.

This ensures an authentic and wear-resistant assembly in tight space.

The Closure

All High End series pieces from Engineer's Jewelry feature a thick round counterpart with groove.
It creates a high quality look and feel, completed by a black o-ring for another unique element.

The rod is unlike anything else ever concieved, due to a longitudinal hole which serves as the acces to the bearing chamber assembly. It is strengthened with further material but still also includes the typical Engineer's Jewelry lightweight holes.


GE90 1

GE90 2

GE90 3