"I still remember the first time I operated a CAD programm which a friend introduced me to in seventh grade. From the first moment I felt a fascination and familiarity that made me forget the wish to participate in further matches of our LAN-party that night. Designing virtual 3D models of all kinds at the computer became a passion that has been part of me since."
- Leander Düsterloh

Vase for graphical purposes, 2007

In 2009 Leander began his engineering studies, which increased his enthusiasm for machinery and technology. With the newly given oportunity of diving into the academical version of a complex technical, industrial CAD program, his hobby took on a new direction. He now designed purely technical objects and first assemblies, some of which were realizable by 3D printing technology.

new kind of Rubik's (or "magic") cube, 2013


Especially his interest in aero- and thermodynamics of his deepening in the field of aerospace, by chance led to the wish for cufflinks with the theme of jet engines one day. After finding out that such designs did not exist, a first pair of true to shape cufflinks was designed, which could be manufactured by 3D printing from an online company.

Jet Engine Cufflinks (Steel), 2012

Shortly after in 2013, these cufflinks evolved to the idea of the business "Engineer's Jewelry"; the design of jewelry with detailed technical themes from all of industry and engineering. Apart from cufflinks, today also tie bars, rings, pins and keychains are part of the growing collection.

Engineer's Jewelry offers special jewelry for engineers from all of industry, such as aerospace, automotive and civil engineering as well as generally technic, race, or aeroplane enthusiastic people.
The experience and knowledge of the career path to an aerospace engineer of Leander Düsterloh enabled Engineer's Jewelry to become the market leader of jet engine design when it comes to jewelry. All designs are characterized by a proportionality and accuracy of the contours and details, that only the understanding of the real aerodynamics can supply.